Focused on small and middle companies GTFCO include imports exports and cross trade operations.

GTFco is a freight forwarder company ATEIA member and Works as an international logistic operator for any kind of commodity. Focusing mainly on small and middle companies and offers the following services:


Shipments from any country to customer country.


Shipments from our customer country to any other foreign country.

Cross Trade Ops.

Shipments from a foreign country to any other country for a customer not matter where it is based.

GTFco plans, organizes and controls all the services offered. Meaning from origin to final destination including all other operations such as customs, storage, insurance, packaging, fumigation, etc…

GTFco covers almost all transport customer needs, crossing physics frontiers, technical, customs, linguistic, economics and any others.


GTFco has an office in Spain-Malaga (Estepona-Marbella) and Iberia agents in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Lisbon in addition to an international agent net all over the world. Also have warehouses in Madrid, Algeciras Valencia, Cadiz and Malaga.